Conversion Services – DATA, Paper Scanning, Data Entry

We offer a wide variety of data conversion services:


Conversion of paper documents and files to any standard electronic format (PDF, TIF, Searchable PDF…).


We handle a variety of data entry methods.
  • Manual data entry either at our facility or offshore
  • Barcode scanning for quick and easy indexing
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): the ability to capture key indexing information or full-text search capabilities of your images

PRINT Image Data Conversion

CIS can convert mainframe computer reports to practically any standard imaging format. This output option is extremely cost effective for monthly statements, or any other large computer generated reports. We accept data via secure FTP transmission or magnetic media, in ASCII or EBCDIC print image formats. We can store anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 pages on one CD (based on compression), as well as the index and runtime retrieval software. Once the data is stored and indexed you will have almost immediate access by entering search information in one or all of the index keys defined.

We are one of the few  service providers in the country that can provide a turnkey solution and conversion services for special print formats like IBM AFP, Xerox DJDE and Metacode formats.

Our unique solution automatically converts, indexes and stores these print image formats for later retrieval from one of our turnkey solutions or from your existing document management solutions.

Microfiche / Microfilm to Electronic Conversion

Convert Legacy files from film to electronic media . We accept all standard microfilm formats including roll, 24X, 42X, 48X fiche and we will provide you with an electronic files in virtually any standard format for input into an electronic imaging system or we can provide you with a turnkey solution that includes retrieval software and customized indexing. The turnkey solution can be delivered on portable media like a CD-Rom or in an secure customized  online web based portal.             
microfilm microfiche magnetic tape
4mm dat tape
convert Microfilm Microfiche to iimage format
convert microfilm or microfiche to any image format
magnetic tape conversion
hard drives

Magnetic Media Conversion

We can transfer data from any magnetic media, (1600, 6250, 3480, 3490, 3490E,DLT, 8mm, 4mm tapes as well as diskettes) to any other media including tape, diskette, Flash drive, CD-ROM, FTP, PDF, Tif, Web portal or microfilm/microfiche. 
Input file structures can be variable record structures, IBM Power VS, Honeywell , Digital formats, NCR, WANG, Variable block , spanning record types, EBCDIC to ASCII.  Control tables can be customized to fit the data as required. Translation and control tables can be user written.
We can basically convert any Data to and from almost any format.

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