Q&A – ROI+


● Why do some Providers choose to outsource ROI fulfillment?


Providers who choose the outsourcing option generally do so due to the type of ROI requests (# of billables vs # of non-billables), the lack of know-how, or the size of staff needed to meet the fulfillment requirements in a timely and compliant manner.

● Why do some Providers choose to perform ROI fulfillment in-house?


Providers who choose the in-house option want to capture all of the available ROI fee revenue and exercise control over the ROI fulfillment process to insure that all fulfillments are completed on time and meet the Provider’s interpretation of compliance requirements.

● As a physician or hospital, does ROI+ cost me more than I am currently paying for a service bureau to handle everything for me?


While your service bureau might not send you a bill, you are still paying for their services. Your service bureau is actually collecting and keeping all of the ROI fulfillment fees that would otherwise be yours.

Your service bureau might or might not have offered you a revenue sharing opportunity in exchange for using your entity’s PHI. If you are not receiving any revenue, you might wish to consider ROI+ because you will receive an upfront opportunity to establish a significant revenue sharing arrangement that benefits you. If you are receiving revenue currently, you might wish to consider whether you are receiving as much revenue as you would like, especially for your level of satisfaction with the services provided and the degree of control you have over your patients’ PHI.

● Do I really save time and money with ROI+?


Unlike all other ROI vendors, we offer a Web-based system that does not rely at any point on a remote physical location to process requests, even on the back-end. ROI+ enables you to shorten the fulfillment timeframe, even down to same-day fulfillment, whether you are a service bureau, physician, or hospital. Other products that are partially Web-based might allow you to reduce some administrative costs, but our system achieves maximum efficiency for our immediate users because the entire process is carried out “on-site” and has built-in automation (such as automated invoicing and automatic fulfillment request notification to Requestors) at each step of the fulfillment process.

● Why is ROI+ Web delivery different than that of any other ROI vendor?


Only ROI+ achieves a 95% rate of self-access by Requestors via the ROI+ Requestor Web portal. The average Web delivery for the ROI industry is less than 10%, with 90% of deliveries accomplished by costly fax and paper delivery.

● Will the number of users or seat licenses be limited?


No, there is no limit. You determine the number of users. There are no license fees.

● Is this system secure?


Yes, it is secure. ABT Medical has a proven history and unmarred record spanning several industries (including the stringent financial, insurance, and brokerage industries) of engineering Web-based platforms that do not compromise the security of your data.

In addition, ROI+ includes a security module that is placed under your control to create and manage authorized users and passwords as well as feature/function access privileges.

● Billing is a headache. Does ROI+ help me with this part of the fulfillment process?


ROI+ is designed to generate invoices for you automatically, based on your specific state’s fee schedule and type of request. You no longer need to figure this out for yourself because it is built in–and you can easily adjust your invoices to include discounts, credits, or other changes before sending them out.

● Even if you help me reduce my ROI fulfillment costs and be more efficient, I still lose time and money in processing disability claim requests for Social Security. What can you do to help me?


We can make your non-profitable, time-consuming DDS requests become profitable by increasing your efficiency and decreasing your costs. In conjunction with the Social Security Administration, ABT Medical has developed ERE-Xpress, an automated Web site that enables you to send the requested health records to state DDS agencies instantly and seamlessly. ERE-Xpress is linked directly to Social Security’s ERE system, which forwards all patient records to the appropriate federal or state agency. It saves on administrative costs and data entry time, requires no implementation effort, and stores records for up to six years for audit and review.

● How do I know if a Requestor received a request?


This is easy with ROI+ because it automatically sends a notification to the Requestor when the requested information is available to view. Then, through ROI+, you are able to see when the medical record is accessed, who accessed it, and the exact portion of the record that was viewed. This information is kept as a permanent record for you, should you be ever be asked for proof.

● How does ROI+ help me with HIPAA compliance and protect me against claims that I am liable for a breach of compliance?


The core objective of HIPAA is to govern and monitor the privacy of patient records. Only persons with an authentic need to view a patient’s record should do so, and they should only view the portion that is relevant to the request. Providing an indelible audit trail of all PHI viewing activity is essential to proving HIPAA compliance.

Unlike other systems, the audit features of ROI+ enables you to achieve this level of compliance–and to exceed HIPAA requirements, in fact. Whenever a patient medical record is viewed, either in the ROI+ request processing module or the ROI+ Requestor Web portal, an audit record is created, detailing who accessed the medical record, when it was accessed, and the exact portion of the medical record that was viewed. In addition, ROI+ includes a security module that is placed under your control to create and manage authorized users and passwords as well as feature/function access privileges.

● Does ROI+ track “chain of custody”?


The Provider who originates a medical record is the official custodian of that record and always retains primary custodial responsibility/liability. Custodial responsibility/liability cannot be abdicated by transferring any type of outsource activity to a third party. The Provider of origination is always “first in line” in terms of both HIPAA breach and “contingent legal liability” exposure.

However, the ability of ROI+ to track all parties who have accessed and viewed a patient’s medical record relieves the Provider of sole custodial liability, should a third party create a HIPAA breach or engage in any other type of unlawful disclosure of a patient’s medical record. ROI+ documents the “chain of custody” for requested medical records by maintaining a permanent audit record of all viewing activity.

● We lose money and time because we send medical records to Requestors; then they don’t pay and we must spend a lot of time following up with them. Can ROI+ help me with this?


Yes, ROI+ handles this task for you automatically. A Requestor cannot view the requested record until you mark the request as “paid.” You are no longer put in the position of trying to recover funds owed to you after the fact.

● Does ROI+ allow for continuity of care releases?


Yes, although these requests are non-billable, they are processed in the same system, with the same efficiency. Because the records are transferred to healthcare entities electronically, you are providing others with records they can actually utilize. These records, which are often unmanageable and too cumbersome to be of use as paper files, stay intact as an electronic file for easy viewing and searching. As a consequence, this format benefits both the healthcare provider and the patient.

● Can Requestors pay the fulfillment fee online?


Yes, ROI+ allows Requestors to pay conveniently by credit card. A receipt is generated automatically, and the Requestor can view the PHI immediately after payment.


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