Q&A – ROI+


● Why do some Providers choose to outsource ROI fulfillment?
● Why do some Providers choose to perform ROI fulfillment in-house?
● As a physician or hospital, does ROI+ cost me more than I am currently paying for a service bureau to handle everything for me?
● Do I really save time and money with ROI+?
● Why is ROI+ Web delivery different than that of any other ROI vendor?
● Will the number of users or seat licenses be limited?
● Is this system secure?
● Billing is a headache. Does ROI+ help me with this part of the fulfillment process?
● Even if you help me reduce my ROI fulfillment costs and be more efficient, I still lose time and money in processing disability claim requests for Social Security. What can you do to help me?
● How do I know if a Requestor received a request?
● How does ROI+ help me with HIPAA compliance and protect me against claims that I am liable for a breach of compliance?
● Does ROI+ track “chain of custody”?
● We lose money and time because we send medical records to Requestors; then they don’t pay and we must spend a lot of time following up with them. Can ROI+ help me with this?
● Does ROI+ allow for continuity of care releases?
● Can Requestors pay the fulfillment fee online?


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