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Computer Image Systems, Inc. has partnered with ABT Global to provide a unique Healthcare solution for the Release of Information (ROI).   ROI+ is the only truly automated workflow software solution for processing requests for release of Protected Health Information (PHI). ROI+ requires less than half of the staff currently utilized by Healthcare providers and ROI service companies to fulfill any given volume of ROI requests.

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We currently have three distinct ROI offerings.

ROI+ Total Care   CIS provides the personnel for fulfilling Release of Information Requests utilizing ROI+.  This on site solution provides the staff required to fulfill various requests while providing your management staff with real time status of all ROI activity.

ROI+ SaaS Care  Your own in house staff utilizes the ROI+ SaaS solution and get all of the benefits of ROI+ like controlling the chain of custody of each Release and automatic invoicing as a by product of fulfilling the Release.  This is a revenue sharing opportunity

ROI+ Remote Service  Your facility provides us with a secure, remote access to your EHR and the entire Release Process is completed in our Merchantville, NJ facility.

NEW! Patient Text Alerts & Mobile Access to Disability Forms & Medical Records

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CIS-ROI+ Digital Dashboard

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Answering a few basic questions can help us determine which model best fits your organization.

Basic CIS-ROI+ Provider Questionnaire 2018

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